About Us

About Us

For many years, the office furniture industry in Azerbaijan "AVŞAROĞLU" our service offices, conference rooms, and TEST, hotels, and offers unique products for banks. 

Good news! Our new office in İstanbul, Near of the Ataturk Airport. 

Dear Customers! 
Rashid Behbudov 51, available at our store we invite all of you. 

Always been popular with classic furniture, modern furniture will show the öncülüğünüzü. Choose a product according to your taste, a wide product range and quality, the diversity of colors and original designs will be a large role. 

In addition, according to your taste or you can order the highest quality materials, produced tables and cabinets. Machines equipped with the latest technology products from factories in Turkey ordered a short time the duration, shipping and installation are also delivered to you, including our own. 

The current free manager, executive, and for other employees and offer a wide variety of products. 

Also in this category cinema and conference rooms are also available for the exclusive seats. All of our products are produced in Turkey, all products are certified and European standards. 

Thanks to our understanding of quality products and superior service has a wide client portfolio. Our products are exclusive places of Azerbaijan has taken place. After all, you want to convert your media "AVŞAROĞLU"  choosing the most comfortable places will be the right decision.